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The Kenshusei (Teacher Apprenticeship) program is for students who wish to deepen their practice and seek a rigorous learning environment.

The commitment is for one year, after which re-application is required.

The Kenshusei program is considered training to become a professional Aikido instructor.



The Kenshusei program requires the following: 

• Minimum rank of 3rd Kyu*. 

• A resume, including a history of education, profession, martial arts training, and reasons to joining the program.

• Proof of medical insurance coverage, which must be maintained throughout the term of the individual's training. 

• A personal interview with Lee Lavi Sensei.

• A 3-month probation period completed in order to be accepted into the program. *Under ranked candidates may also apply for this program but will have a 6-month probation period.

• A minimum of one year commitment.

• Training a minimum of the 12 hours a week, including Aikido body arts, weapons, and Iaido, as well as assisting in Kids classes.

• Attending all local seminars and seminars within the UnEnKai organization. 

• Taking initiative and participate fully in the upkeep of the dojo. 


Students enrolling in this program can expect a more intensive training experience. Practice at this level is stricter, more demanding and encourages the students to break through their limits. Such training is challenging and the students must approach this program with the correct mental attitude. 


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