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Our Affiliation & Lineage

North Valley Aikikai is a member dojo of Aikido UnEnKai, under the direction of I. Shibata Shihan, Berkeley Aikikai.

Aikido UnEnKai is directly affiliated with Aikido Hombu Dojo, Tokyo, Japan.

North Valley Aikikai's chief instructor Lee Lavi studies Aikido under the instruction of Shibata Shihan (master teacher), 8th Dan, Chair of Aikido Un En Kai. Shibata Shihan is a direct disciple of Kisshomaru Ueshiba, son of the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, also called O-Sensei.

Lee Lavi, 6th Dan, Shidoin, is a certified Aikido Un En Kai instructor.

North Valley Aikikai offers classes seven days a week, including beginner and mixed level classes, children and teen classes, as well as seminars and local friendship practice events. 

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Chief Instructor

Lee Lavi, 6th Dan, Shidoin, has four decades of martial arts experience. She started in her teens as a Judo competitor, and continued in her service as an officer in the Israeli Defense Forces, where she trained in Krav Maga. Lee Lavi has devoted her life to martial arts practice and teaching.

She founded North Valley Aikikai in 2005 after graduating the Kenshusei (teacher apprenticeship) under I. Shibata Shihan, at Berkeley Aikikai. 

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