Important COVID-19 Announcement:

We start our soft re-opening on June 21, offering a limited number of classes in the dojo, and some outdoors. All students must book into classes in advance as the capacity limits decreased to 25%.

Check out our schedule page.

We follow Los Angeles County health regulations, including distancing and modified sanitary and hygiene protocols.

Welcome to North Valley Aikikai, where you can learn new skills, deepen your practice, develop your physical and mental abilities, and belong to a caring community. Take a look at our classes, read about our teachers, and get in touch to find out more. we offer classes in Aikido, Iaido, and Yoga, as well as seminars, workshops and other community events.


We are located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, by California State University, Northridge.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, or any other basis.


We offer classes for children 3-11, and teens 12-18 . Classes are dynamic and enjoyable, based on martial arts disciplines both physical and mental. Young people learn non-aggressive techniques, conflict resolution and selected Japanese traditions. Participants will have the opportunity to improve concentration, balance and awareness,and practice the values of respect, consideration and sensitivity through partner practice.


Aikido body art classes are open to adults of levels, men and women. Beginners’ classes are geared towards students with no experience in Aikido, though intermediate and advanced students are encouraged to participate. The practice is a partners practice, as each practitioner studies the techniques from two main facets: both applying the technique (Tori/Nage practice) and receiving the technique (Ukemi practice).


Weapons classes are offered to those who want to deepen their understanding of of Aikido and are open to current members only, with permission of the Chief Instructor. The weapons we use are
bokken (wooden sword), jo (wooden staff) and tanto (wooden knife).


Iaido is the art of sword drawing, and was practiced as the way of the samurai during many decades in feudal Japan. This martial art is practiced individually. We practice the Muso Shinden-ryu Iaido.
Iaido classes are available only by permission of the Chief Instructor.


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